"Please check that the File/Reference and the Tax ID of the taxpayer correct"

  • This error usually occurs when you are trying to reply to a requirement using the general option "Reply to requirements or submit documentation relating to a notification received from the Tax Agency" (located in the "Featured procedures" section of the e-Office) incorrectly, or incorrect data has being entered.

    The error appears after clicking "Accept" to attempt to advance from "Step 1:Generating the request" to "Step 2:Signing and sending the request”.

    Image error check the file or reference

    Check which operations are offering in the notification received and if a specific route is indicated to reply to it or not.Then, go to the informed reply option at the e-Office.

    Also, remember that from the e-Office "Electronic register" option you can access the different options contemplated for replying to requirements.

     Image electronic registerat the

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