How to register at the Authorised Electronic Address (DEH)

  • The Tax Agency offers the possibility of receiving notifications and administrative communications by electronic means at a common Electronic Address for the General State Administration.

    You can register with a electronic certificate or ID card, subscribe to the corresponding procedures and check your notification box from the website of the Electronic -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Address (DEH)</g>.

    On the right side you have a banner that links directly to the FNMT electronic certificate and at the bottom, within the "Support" section, you will find the </g>access requirements and other useful information.

    DEH Portal

    To register, click the "Register"</g> link in the upper right corner or go to step 1 and click "Register".Then select the electronic certificate to identify yourself.

    Register Certified selection

    Fill in the required data in the form, including an e-mail address to receive notification notices.From the "+ Email” button you can add additional email addresses

    Registration form

    When you click "Next" , a message will be sent to the e-mail you have provided with a 9-character validation code.Accept the terms of the legal notice, enter the validation code received and click "Sign up".

    Sign up

    After completing the registration process, your Inbox will be automatically displayed, from which you can view your notifications and communications, manage your procedure subscription and modify your profile data.

    Registration completed

    In the case of those obliged to receive the notifications and communications from the AEAT by electronic means, the subscription to the procedures is done automatically.

    For all other cases, once the DHS has been created, the user must subscribe to the corresponding procedure.To do this, click on "Enter your DHS", "Procedures" "Subscription to procedures."Select the procedure and click "Subscribe" at the bottom right.

    Subscription to procedures

    To unsubscribe from procedures, access the "Procedures" tab in the same way, check the procedures that will cause you to unsubscribe and click "Unsubscribe".

    For more information see our help "Subscribing to electronic notification procedures"

    Useful links:

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