How to unsubscribe from the DEH service

  • If you are not obliged to receive your notifications electronically and wish to remove your Enabled E-mail Address by unsubscribing from all the procedures subscribed, click on "Enter your DEHfrom the “Enabled E-mail Address” portal.

    Access to DEH

    Access your profile in the top right corner and select "Unsubscribe" from the option.

    Unsubscription form

    As reported in the notice above, "The revocation involves the removal of your Authorised Electronic Address, as well as the cancellation of all procedures to which you were subscribed. From that moment on notifications will be processed by the usual procedure".

    Please note that in order to unsubscribe there must be no unread notifications in your mailbox and that once the unsubscription has been processed you will not be able to access the information you have in this electronic mailbox.


    When you access "Unsubscribe" the DEH will send an email with a 9-digit code to your registered address.This code must be indicated on the unsubscription form.

    At the bottom of the form, accept the conditions, indicate the validation code received and click "Sign unsubscription"

    Sign unsubscription

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