Online request for prior appointment

  • The Tax Agency offers an online service for requesting prior appointments to attend the Tax Agency offices to receive information, assistance, solve requirements, request certificates or any other procedure.

    You can access this appointment service in the section 'Contact us', from the E-Office, under 'Featured procedures', 'Advance appointment', or from the banner on the home page.

    Access appointment

    An appointment is required for all procedures except for:

    • submitting documents to the Registry and submitting tax returns(Except forms 036/037)

    • the NIF application for individuals.If it is for a corporate person, request an appointment using the NIF of the person making the application

    • the collection of notifications and signing up to the alert service

    • obtaining receipts

    When accessing the procedure from the available link, the appointment request window will appear, click on "Appointment request".

    Requests for appointments

    In this case, you don't need any specific identification system.State your tax code, full name and click "Send".

    tax code and surnames

    If you have received a notification from the Tax Agency prompting you to request an appointment, you should provide the CSV of said notification.The Secure Verification Code (CSV) is a 16-character code at the end of the notification.Then click on "Request Appointment with CSV".

    appointment with CSV

    The next step is procedure selection. The procedure related to the notification will appear by default, but if you wish you can select a different one.Similarly, in centre selection, by default the office processing the notification will appear.However, you can select a different one from the dropdown menu, but bear in mind that the information they will be able to provide may be limited.

    predefined procedure

    predefined centre

    If you don't have a CSV, directly select the procedure or service for which you wish to request an appointment.The services are shown grouped into categories.If you have doubts about which one to select, place the cursor over the question mark icon for further information on each one.

    In the first step, you may also set an appointment reminder to be sent by SMS to the mobile phone number stated or email address.Lastly, click "Request Appointment".

    Select the procedure for you're requesting the appointment and help for

    Then, select the Tax Agency office you wish to attend.Depending on the procedure selected, you can choose between an office that provides the service to your tax address, an office that provides the service for a specific postcode, or an office in a particular province.Check an option and click "Send" to continue the request.

    centre selection

    Then select the appointment date.Check the service hours of the office and select an appointment time from the slots available in the calendar.Also,depending on the available dates for the selected office, you can choose from the available dates for the following month.

    schedule of available appointments

    Select the appointment time from the drop-down menu and click “Send”.

    appointment time

    A message will be displayed showing that appointment was requested correctly, as well as the location and the details.Review the information on the documentation you will have to provide.

    appointment confirmed

    Should you wish to change or cancel the appointment, you must log back on to the E-Office appointments system.When you identify yourself, you will see the appointments already set up with the corresponding option to change or cancel them.

    cancel or modify existing appointment

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