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Online request for prior appointment

  • The appointment request does not require any specific identification system. Indica tu NIF, apellidos y nombre, y pulsa "Enviar".

    tax code and surnames

    If you have received a notification from the Tax Agency prompting you to request an appointment, you should provide the CSV of said notification in the section entitled “Appointment to respond to a message or notification”.The Secure Verification Code (CSV) is a 16-character code at the end of the notification.

    If, when requesting an appointment with CSV, the procedure is not available, a message will appear informing you of this. Therefore, you should use the drop-down menus at the bottom.

    appointment with CSV

    If you do not have CSV or the service is not available with CSV, select the procedure or service that you are requesting the appointment for.

    Los servicios se muestran agrupados en categorías. Si tienes dudas sobre cuál escoger, sitúa el cursor sobre el icono de la interrogación para obtener más información sobre cada uno de ellos.

    Choose procedure for appointment

    During this first step, you should also provide a telephone number so that the tax office can contact you if necessary.You may also set an appointment reminder to be sent by SMS to the mobile phone number stated or email address. Por último, pulsa "Solicitar Cita".

    Teléfono y correo electrónico

    A continuación, escoge la oficina de la Agencia Tributaria a la que deseas acudir. Dependiendo del procedimiento seleccionado, puedes elegir entre una oficina que preste el servicio a su domicilio fiscal, una oficina que preste el servicio por un código postal concreto o una oficina de una provincia concreta. Marca una opción y pulsa "Enviar" para continuar con la solicitud.

    centre selection

    Después, selecciona la fecha de la cita.Check the service hours of the office and select an appointment time from the slots available with a link in the calendar.Furthermore, depending on the available dates for the selected office, you can choose from the available dates for the following month.

    schedule of available appointments

    The times available for the selected day are shown at the bottom, also shown in blue as a link.Choose the time slot you are interested in.

    appointment time

    The time slot selected will then appear shaded out. If the details are correct, click the "Confirm appointment on the selected day and time slot" button.

    confirm day and time slot for the appointment

    A message will be displayed showing that appointment was requested correctly, as well as the location and the details.Review the information on the documentation you will have to provide.

    appointment confirmed

    Should you wish to change or cancel the appointment, you must log back on to the e-Office appointments system. Al identificarte se mostrarán las citas ya asignadas con la correspondiente opción para modificarla o anularla.

    cancel or modify existing appointment

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