General issues for Android devices when using certificates

  • You can use your electronic certificate on mobile devices with the Android system on the Tax Agency website.

    Android System

    • With your Android device, you will be able to:

      • Use it on "Internet Explorer" and "Google Chrome" browsers.
      • Import it from a backup copy sent by e-mail or saved on an SD card, for instance.
    • You will not be able to:

      • Request the certificate.
      • Download it.
      • Backing up an already installed certificate.
      • Renew electronic certificate.

    Version 5 or higher recommended.Check which system version you are using by going to “Settings”, tapping on “About Device”, and “Android Version”.



    The recommended browsers are"Internet Explorer" and "Google Chrome" since "Mozilla Firefox" is not enabled to manage certificates.Some Android devices may only have "Google Chrome" and have it set as the default browser.

    If you have difficulty viewing all the website contents, deselect the pop-up blocker option (you can select it again once you are done).

    • If using the integrated browser, go to “Settings”, “Advanced”, and deselect “Block Pop-ups” or “Block Pop-up Windows”.

      Pop-up blocker

    • Pop-up blockerIf you use Google Chrome, go to “Settings”, “Website Settings”.


      Next, find the “Pop-up Windows” options (by default it will be set to “Block”) and select the option to allow them.

      Allow pop-ups

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