Request for invitation letter to Cl@ve and register with CSV

  • To carry out an electronic procedure using the Cl@ve system, you must have previously registered in said system using any of the options available on the Tax Agency website, or in person in any registration office.

    If you do not have an electronic certificate and do not wish to go to the registration office in person, please request the letter of invitation which will be sent to the fiscal address stored on our database.

    You will need to have an updated fiscal address on our database.If you want to know how to check your tax address and how to modify it if necessary, we recommend that you consult the help option "Consult and modify your tax residence and address for notification purposes".

    To request the sending of this invitation letter, access the option "Register in Cl@ve" available in the section "Cl@ve Registration" on the E-Office.

    Register for Cl@ve PIN

    On the first screen, enter your complete DNI or NIE and the rest of the fields will be enabled for identification.

    • DNI:8 numbers and a letter (without spaces or hyphens)
    • NIE:letter 7 numbers and a letter (without spaces or hyphens)

    Provide DNI (Tax ID) or NIE (Foreigners' Tax ID) in the register or request for invitation letter to Cl@ve

    After entering your NIF, you will have to supply the validity date of your DNI, or the issue date if it is a permanent DNI (01/01/9999), in dd-mm-yyyy.

    Provide expiration or issue date of document in register or invitation letter

    In the case of a foreign national ID card, residence permit or EU citizenship certificate, after entering your NIE, the support number printed on your document will be requested.

    Provide support number

    In either case, at the bottom of the screen you will find links that will help you to locate and correctly consign the date or support number, depending on the type of document you have stated.For more information, you can also consult the help point ‘'Enter a valid support' (How to enter the support number)

    When you click Continue’, the information entered will be validated.If everything is correct, the next window will inform you that you need to have an invitation letter to register in Cl@ve.To request that the letter be sent, click on the button "Yes, send me a letter of invitation to my financial address"

    request the letter

    If the application is recorded correctly, a message will appear confirming the dispatch of the invitation letter to the tax domicile that is currently registered in our databases.Click on the button 'Accept'

    Saved application

    Once you have received the letter, access the same option of the portal "Cl@veRegistration", "Register in Cl@ve" and provide the requested data:DNI or NIE and the expiration or issue date of the DNI or the support number.

    Now check the option “I already have an invitation letter” and click on the button "Continue".


    Locate the 16-character CSV (Secure Verification Code) that contains the communication and enter it in the available field.Just below, a link is provided to help you locate the detail in the letter.

    Find CSV in the invitation letter

    Provide the CSV for the register

    The details requested in this last step of registration in Cl@ve PIN are the mobile phone number on which you want to receive the SMS sent by the Tax Agency with the PIN and the e-mail address.

    If the system detects that the mobile phone number entered is linked to another DNI/NIE, you will receive an SMS message with an access code to complete your registration.There will be a section in the registration application for you to enter this code.

    Registration in Cl@ve PIN only allows one phone number per user.In this case, access to the Cl@ve system for the previously associated DNI/NIE is automatically disabled.

    After accepting the conditions and clicking "Send", a screen appears with the activation code. Click on "View PDF" to obtain the registration slip in Cl@ve that can be saved on your computer and contains the proof of registration in the system.It provides details on the terms and conditions of using the system.

    Furthermore, in this document you will also find the activation code, which you can use to register, if you wish, in the permanent Cl@ve system.For more information, go to the Cl@ve Portal.

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