Obtaining a Cl@ve PIN

  • To obtain the PIN code that enables identification and signing for many of the procedures available on the e-Office, you need to be registered on the Cl@ve system in advance.You can registration online, or by going to a registration office in person.

    If you are not yet registered, please see the How to register for Cl@ve PIN help.

    Once registered in Cl@ve, access the corresponding procedure and follow these steps.

    Access to procedures with Cl@ve PIN

    Enter your DNI or NIE to start the process.

    Enter your DNI

    In the following window, it is essential to indicate the contrast data according to the type of document:

    • Validity date for DNI;
    • Issue date, for permanent DNI (01-01-9999);
    • Support number, if it is a NIE.

    At the bottom you have the corresponding help links to locate the required data on your identity document.

    After you have successfully entered the data, press "Continue".

    Contrast data

    In the next window you can click directly on the "Obtain PIN" button or check the box "I want to customise PIN generation” to choose the 4-character code that makes up your Cl@ve and the PIN.In this case, the "Custom code" field will be enabled to indicate this code.Then click on "Obtain PIN".

    Obtain PIN 1

    Obtain PIN 2

    The corresponding notice will then be displayed on the browser depending on the way the PIN is received:via the app or via SMS:

    Cl@ve PIN mobile app

    We remind you that the Cl@ve PIN app is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the official markets.

    The use of the mobile application requires you to activate the DNI or NIE on the device, and complete the registration process in advance, either online through the E-Office, or in person in a registration office.Once you have installed the app, you do not need to repeat this activation phase.After installation, you can view the PIN obtained from the website on your device. Remember that you must use the PIN code within the first 10 minutes after retrieving it.

    For more information on how the Cl@ve PIN application works and how to install it, check the help point available in the “useful links” at the end of this help point.

    If you have activated the user in the Cl@ve PIN app, an informational notice will appear for you to view the PIN through the application.If this is not possible, you can click the "Request SMS to be sent to your mobile" link.

    Obtain with activated user

    A notification will show the PIN obtained on your device, along with the "Copy PIN" option.

    App notification with PIN

    You can also view the PIN and expiration time counter in the app after you unlock your device with the security pattern you have set.This screen will refresh every 10 seconds, automatically displaying the last PIN obtained.

    PIN in app

    Then enter the PIN to complete authentication. The "Code" field is locked with the code selected by the user or the one randomly provided by the application.Finally, press "Access" to identify yourself.

    Authentication with PIN received via app

    Receive the PIN by SMS

    If you have not activated the user in the Cl@ve PIN application, the notice states that the SMS will be sent to the associated mobile phone number.If you do not receive it, you can click the "Request again" link.

    Obtain PIN via SMS

    After checking the SMS on your mobile device, enter the PIN and press "Enter".


    Authentication with PIN received via SMS

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