General information on the Cl@ve PIN identification system

  • Cl@ve PIN is part of the common Cl@ve platform for identification, authentication and electronic signature of citizens before bodies of the State Administration integrated into the Cl@ve system.

    Cl@ve PIN is an identification system for carrying out procedures via Internet based on codes with a specific validity term and which can be renewed whenever necessary.It involves the use of a code given by the application or chosen by the user and a PIN communicated via SMS or shown in the Cl@ve PIN app.

    To operate with this identification system on the AEAT website you must first register.

    Registration can be done in person in the registration offices, or online in the E-Office, via the 'Registration and acquisition of a Cl@ve PIN' portal.You can register directly if you have an electronic certificate or DNIe or you can request the letter of invitation to your tax address to register with a CSV and contrast data.

    Register for Cl@ve PIN

    Registration via a CSV

    To obtain a secure verification code (CSV) allowing you to register in the Cl@ve system, you need to request an invitation letter by post from the option "Register for Cl@ve".

    Once you have received the letter at your home address, go to the same option in the E-Office and enter the CSV, your DNI/NIE, the validity date, the issue date or the support number of your identity document, depending on the type of identity document you have, and the phone number where you would like to receive the SMS, and an email address.

    You can only provide one mobile phone number per user.

    Registration with digital signature (certificate or electronic DNI).

    If you have an electronic certificate or DNIe, you can register in the Cl@ve system immediately by going to “Registration, cancellation and modification of details in Cl@ve with a certificate or electronic DNI.

    Enter your mobile phone number, email address and the validity date of your DNI.

    You can only provide one mobile phone number per user.

    In-person registration

    You can register in person in one of the registration offices linked to the system.If you would like to go in person to a Tax Agency office, you must first request an appointment through the Tax Agency website, or by calling 901 200 351.

    You must provide proof of identity with your DNI or NIE, and provide an email address and a mobile phone number for receiving an SMS with your PIN.

    You can only provide one mobile phone number per user.

    Identification with Cl@ve

    After registering in the Cl@ve system, you can carry out any procedure that allows identification with Cl@ve PIN.When you access this procedure, a window will be displayed for you to enter the identification data.

    For more information on the Cl@ve system, we recommend that you go to the Cl@ve platform portal available in the Cl@ve Portal.

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