How to carry out electronic procedures over the internet with Cl@ve PIN

  • The procedures available on the E-Office that support identification with Cl@ve PIN will display windows for you to enter your registration data.

    Enter NIF/NIE

    As the data entered is validated, new fields will be enabled to provide the requested contrast data.In the case of a NIF, the field will be enabled to enter the date of validity or the date of issue of the document if it is a permanent DNI.

    Enter the validity date, issue date or support number

    If a NIE is entered, a field to enter the ID card support number will be enabled.For both types of tax returns, there is help for locating this information on each type of document.

    Support number

    Once you click on "Continue" you can obtain the PIN by SMS on your mobile or through the Cl@ve PIN app.

    Get PIN

    Once you have received the PIN on your mobile, enter it in the corresponding field and you will access the desired procedure.

    Access procedure

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