Expiration of the Cl@ve PIN

  • If you are a user of the Cl@ve PIN system, you should know that the Tax Agency has changed the system's behaviour with a view to improve security. This means that the PIN acquired can now only be used once.Once you have identified yourself with the PIN, you can access the services that use the Cl@ve PIN system until you disconnect from the E-Office or close your browser.

    Bear in mind that you must identify yourself with the PIN code within 10 minutes of acquiring it.

    The Cl@ve PIN system itself does not expire as long as the data with which it was initially registered does not change.If you change telephone number, you will need to update the information on the new telephone number through the available channels:by internet, with an electronic certificate or ID card, or directly at a registry office.You can refer to the entry on data modification for more information.

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