How to register in Cl@ve PIN after cancelling or disqualifying yourself for registration with your mobile phone

  • If at any time you cancelled your Cl@ve PIN service but you want to re-register, you can request a letter inviting you to the system via the E-Office.

    To register in the Cl@ve system, access the option "Register in Cl@ve" on the portal "Cl@ve Registration" available on the E-Office.

    Cl@ve Portal

    Begin the registration process by indicating your DNI / NIE and click "Continue”.

    DNI / NIE

    Depending on the document number indicated, you will then need to enter additional information:

    • If it is a DNI indicate the validity or issuance date.If it is a permanent DNI(without a validity period), you can only use the issuance date.At the bottom you have two help points, explaining where to find the validity/issuance date on different kinds of DNI.

    Validity date or date of issuance

    • In the case of a foreign national ID card, residence permit or EU citizenship certificate, the support number printed on your document will be requested.You can display the help links 'How do I get the support number...?', which explain how to find this information on your document and how to enter it correctly in the registration form.For more information on the support number, you can also consult the help point ‘'Enter a valid support' (How to enter the support number)

    Support number

    When you click Continue’, the information entered will be validated.If everything is correct, the next window will inform you that you need to receive the invitation letter to register in Cl@ve, and you will be offered two options:'I already have an invitation letter' and 'I don't have a letter, send the invitation letter to my tax address'. 

    • “I do not have a letter, send the invitation letter to my tax address”.Mark this option to request the letter and click “Continue”.

    I don't have a letter

    If the application is recorded correctly, a message will appear confirming the dispatch of the invitation letter to the tax domicile that is currently registered in our databases.Click on the button 'Accept'

    Letter dispatch confirmation

    If you are no longer able to access the Cl@ve system because another user has used the same mobile number to register, a new invitation letter with a CSV will be generated, and sent to your tax residence so that you can register.

    Remember that registering in Cl@ve PIN will only allow one mobile number per user.In this case, access to the Cl@ve system will automatically be disabled for the previous DNI associated.

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