NIF_NIE is already registered

  • This message appears when you try to register in Cl@ve PIN and it detects that you have already registered.Then access the section to obtain a PIN if you need to process and procedures.

    When accessing the desired procedure that allows this type of identification, write the NIF/NIE and indicate the date of validity of the document, the date of issue, if it is a permanent DNI or the support number if it is a NIE.

    Enter the identification data

    Therefore, if you are already registered in the Cl@ve PIN system, when accessing a specific procedure through Cl@ve PIN on the E-Office, please indicate your DNI/NIE and associated data so that the SMS can be sent to your mobile or received through the app.

    with validity or issue date

    With support number

    Click continue to obtain the PIN via SMS to the mobile or on the app

    Get PINEnter PIN to access the procedure

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