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    Access the procedure you want to carry out below.You can recognise the procedures that use this identification system with the 'Cl@ve' symbol, which appears next to the link.

    Image of a procedure with Cl@ve PIN

    Click on the procedure link and select 'With Cl@ve PIN'.

    Identification with Cl@ve PIN

    There are 2 ways to retrieve the PIN code:

    Cl@ve PIN mobile app

    You can install the Cl@ve PIN mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store.

    The use of the mobile application requires you to activate the DNI or NIE on the device, and complete the registration process in advance, either online through the E-Office, or in person in a registration office.Once you have installed the app, you do not need to repeat this activation phase.After installation, you can request your Cl@ve PIN as many times as needed.Remember that you must use the PIN code within the first 10 minutes after retrieving it.

    For more information on how the Cl@ve PIN application works and how to install it, check the help point available in the useful links at the end of this help point.

    In the 'Authentication' window:

    1. State your National ID Document (DNI) or Foreign National ID Number (NIE).

    2. Select 'Use the Cl@ve PIN App to get your PIN (recommended)'.

      Use the Cl@ve PIN app

    3. Request a PIN code from the mobile application; in the response window you will receive a 4-character code from the app, or one that you choose yourself, along with the requested PIN.

      code and pin in the app

    4. Type in the 4-character code and the PIN you received to your mobile in the corresponding boxes, and click 'Access' to continue.

      Enter the PIN obtained through the Cl@ve PIN website or via the app

    Retrieval of the PIN from the browser when you access an E-Office procedure

    In the 'Authentication' window:

    1. State your National ID Document (DNI) or Foreign National ID Number (NIE).

    2. Check "Use the browser to get your PIN and receive a text message".

      Image of acquiring a PIN by providing the DNI/NIE
    3. If the document is a DNIIndicate the validity or issuance date of the DNIin the proper format (dd/mm/yyyy); for the permanent DNI you can only use the issuance date.At the bottom, you will find the information links 'How to get the date of...’ with examples for how to find this date.

      If the document is a NIE:Enter the support number; in this case, you will see the link 'How to retrieve the support number...’ at the bottom, where you will see an example of where to find and how to enter the support number, according to the type of document:foreign national ID card, residence permit orEU citizenship certificate.

    4. In the "Code" field, a code will appear provided by the system by default;However, you can also edit this field by entering a 4-digit code of your choice (using any number or capital letter, except "Ñ").Make a note of it or copy it and then enter it in the corresponding field on the identification screen.Take into account that when accessing a procedure, you will need to state the access code as well as the access password.

    5. Then, click 'Retrieve PIN'.

      Image of obtaining a PIN

      Type of document NIE

      A message will be shown confirming the dispatch of an SMS to the mobile phone with the requested Cl@ve PIN.

      Image of sending SMSImage of SMS

      In the SMS text message you will find the PIN you can use to log on to the website (also check the 4-digit code provided by the system or provided by you earlier).Remember that this code must be used within 10 minutes of issue.Otherwise, you will have to request a new PIN.

    6. Enter the PIN in the corresponding box and press "OK" to continue with the procedure.


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