16600 The maximum number of failed attempts has been exceeded.Access blocked

  • If when you identify yourself with Cl@ve PIN in electronic transactions the message "The code / PIN combination entered is not correct"appears, it is recommended that you do not retry access with the same wrong PIN so as not to block access.

    Instead, press "Return" and request another PIN.Then, make sure you identify yourself with the last PIN received by SMS or displayed in the app and not with another one obtained previously.

    PIN error

    If you make 6 access attempts with a wrong PIN, access will be blocked for security reasons and the following message will appear:"16600 You have reached the maximum number of failed attempts per day to use your login details.For your safety, access has been blocked.Reinvent it tomorrow."

    Access blocked error

    Once access has been blocked, you cannot identify yourself with Cl@ve PIN until after 00:00 hours on the same day.

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