"Errors detected:077 reference URL invalid"

  • When attempting to identify yourself with Cl@ve PIN, if the following message appears: "Errors detected: [ 077 ] reference URL invalid", we recommend that you attempt using these alternatives to try to gain access with Cl@ve PIN correctly:

    • Try it with a different web browser or another device.Please be reminded that you can install the Cl@ve PIN app on any mobile device for fast and comfortable PIN entry, after activating your username.For more information you can consult the corresponding help in the section 'Useful links'.
    • If you were registered before with 24-hour PIN and you have not used this identification system for some time, you will have to register with Cl@ve PIN, either in person at a register office or via the internet with CSV or digital signature.
    • A change may also have been made to your census details that requires your details to be updated in order to be able to use Cl@ve PIN.

    Useful links:

    077 reference url not valid cl@ve PIN
  • app application Cl@ve PIN
    Technical assistance for the Cl@ve PIN mobile app (Android/IOS)
  • Technical assistance - Cl@ve PIN