Registration in person for the Cl@ve system

  • Cl@ve PIN forms part of the Cl@ve electronic identification platform, and can be used across the various bodies of the State Public Administration Sector.

    Registration can be done online from the "Cl@ve Registration" page on the E-Office.In this case it is necessary to identify yourself with a Secure Verification Code (CSV) provided by the AEAT in the invitation letter or with a digital signature (electronic certificate or </g>DNI).

    You can also register in person at any of our registration branches.To find your nearest branch, you can use the branch locator found in the General Access portal.

    Bear in mind that if you are registering in a Tax Agency office, you will need to make an appointment online, or call 901 200 351 (or 91 290 13 40).

    Book an appointment online

    You can “Book an appointment” under the section “Contact us”, and also from the corresponding banner.

    Book an appointment for provincial registration

    In step 2 of the appointment request, in the selection section of the service or procedure, click on "Census Management, Cl@vePIN and digital certificate accreditation" "Register for Cl@Ve".

    Choose the corresponding procedure for your appointment

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