Register in the Cl@ve system online with electronic certificate or eDNI (Tax ID)

  • If you have a certificate or electronic DNI, you can register in the Cl@ve system online, as well as withdraw, or modify any of the details if you have registered in the past.To do this, access the option "Register, withdraw and modify data in Cl@ve with an electronic certificate or DNI", on the "Cl@ve Registration" page on the E-Office and identify yourself with your electronic certificate.

    Cl@ve registration procedures

    Electronic certificate selection

    Depending on the status of the user in the Cl@ve census, you have several options:"Register", "Withdraw from the service" and "Modification of Data".

    Registration in the Cl@ve system with electronic certificate or DNI

    Once identified, if you are not yet registered in the system, you will need to indicate the type of document used (DNI or NIE) and provide additional comparison data that will depend on the type of document selected.

    • If the document is an electronic "DNI", you must indicate the support number.

      Electronic DNI

    • If the document is a "DNI" issued before 2006, you must indicate the date of issue.

      DNI issued before 2006

    • If the document is a "Foreigner Card", you must enter the support number in the upper right-hand corner, starting with the letter "E".

      Identity card for foreign nationals

    • If the document is a "Residence Permit" you will have to indicate the support number in the upper right-hand corner starting with the letter "E".

      Residence permit

    • If the document is an "EU Citizen Registration Certificate", report the support number on the back (on card type documents) or in the top right corner (green sheet of paper).It must be indicated with 8 numbers (if it has less, complete with leading zeros) and preceded by the letter C. Example:if your support number is 1234567, you must enter C01234567.

      EU citizen registration certificate

    Complete information on how to locate the support number depending on the document type can be found in the help section "Enter valid support".

    After indicating the type of document and the additional data, click "Send".

    In the registration, modification and waiver form, mark the option "Registration" and provide a mobile phone number where you wish to receive the SMS sent by the AEAT with the PIN which, together with the 4 character code, makes up your access code to carry out procedures online.Also, enter an email address.

    Data inclusion in the registration form

    Note: Registration in the Cl@ve system only allows one telephone number per user.If the system detects that the mobile phone entered is linked to another DNI/NIE, you will receive an SMS with an access code to complete the registration.A field will then be provided to enter this code.In this case, access to the Cl@ve system for the previously associated DNI/NIE is automatically disabled.

    After accepting the conditions and clicking "Send", you will get a PDF file to save and print.The document includes an activation code that allows you to activate the Permanent Cl@ve password, as well activation instructions and the terms and conditions for using the system.

    receipt of registration in the Cl@ve system

    Withdraw from the service

    Select this option to deregister from the Cl@ve system.You will no longer be able to use Cl@ve PIN, but you will be able to register again through any of the available channels.


    In this case, the user details are already displayed.Read and accept the conditions and click 'Send'.You will then receive the corresponding receipt conforming your withdrawal.

    Data modification

    Through this modality, you can change the mobile telephone number and the email address that you provided when you registered in Cl@ve.


    This option is also useful if you need to obtain a new activation code to manage your Permanent Cl@ve.In this case, if you do not need to modify the telephone number or email address, select the box 'Regenerate Activation Code...'.

    Regeneration of the activation code

    You will only be able to increase the level of registration security when accessing the modification with an electronic certificate if you initially registered with CSV.This avoids possible problems when carrying out procedures that require a higher level of registration than registration with CSV.

    Higher security level

    After reading and accepting the conditions, click "Send" and you will receive the modification receipt with the updated data.If you have marked the corresponding option, the document will also include a new activation code and instructions for activating Permanent Cl@ve.

    Note: Permanent Cl@ve is not a system used in the electronic procedures of the AEAT, but it is valid to identify in other electronic services of the General State Administration.

    If you are already registered and would like more information on how to change data or waive this identification system, see the help "-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Change data or waive service with certificate or DNIe</g>".

    Identification with Cl@ve PIN

    After registering in the Cl@ve system, you can use Cl@ve PIN to identify yourself in procedures enabled for this system.After entering the procedure, enter the ID number and follow the steps in the " Obtaining Cl@ve PIN” help.

    Get PIN

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