Modification of registration details in Cl@ve with Cl@ve PIN

  • The option 'Modify registration details, except the telephone number, with Cl@ve PIN' allows the modification only of the email address provided in the register.

    If you wish to modify the phone number or opt out of the service, you can do so via electronic certificate or electronic DNI from the option 'Registration, cancellation and modification of data in Cl@ve with an electronic certificate or electronic DNI, or in person at the Registration Office.

    In this case, access the option "Modify Cl@ve registration data, except the telephone number, with Cl@ve PIN" from the "Cl@veRegistration" portal.

    Change data with Cl@ve PIN

    And enter the DNI or NIE:

    Select an option to identify yourself with Cl@ve PIN

    In the next window, provide the comparison data according to the type of document and click "Continue".Then "Get PIN" and provide the PIN you have received via SMS or through the Cl@ve PIN application, if you have it installed and activated by your user.See the help "Obtaining a Cl@ve PIN"

    Validate PIN

    Once you have accessed the service, make the change to the e-mail address and, after selecting the box "I have read and accepted the terms and conditions", click on "Send".The email will be modified.

    Remember that this change of details is also used to generate a new activation code, for example, if you have lost the original PDF detailing your registration in the system.To do this, before sending, mark the option "Regenerate Activation Code (only mark this box if you need to renew the activation code)".The new code will be necessary to activate the Permanent Cl@ve (Social Security) or to manage the password.

    Data modification

    When sending is complete, a PDF will appear on screen with the proof of modification of details in the Cl@ve system.

    Proof of Modification via Cl@ve

    The document will include the activation code, provided you have marked the option "Regenerate activation code" on the previous screen.

    Proof of modification.Activation code

    Remember that you can also regenerate the activation code immediately from the specific procedure "Regenerate Permanent Cl@ve Activation Code" within the "Cl@ve registration" procedure.

    Regenerate activation code.Specific procedure

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