Cl@ve PIN mobile app on Android

The Tax Agency provides you with a free download of the app Cl@ve PIN application for mobile devices: it is available for free download.Once installed, you can view the PIN codes previously obtained from the browser or from a mobile application integrated with Cl@ve PIN (for example, the Tax Agency app).

To use the application you will need to have previously registered in the Cl@ve system.If you need more information about registration, see help “How to register for CL@ve PIN”.

Download and install application

Go to "Google Play" and search for the Tax Agency "Cl@ve PIN".To install the app, click "Install", accept the information on the requirements for running the app and finally, "Open".


In the first windows, you will be informed of the requirement to be previously registered in the Cl@ve system and you will be informed of the actions that will be carried out with the application:activation of the device and display of the requested PIN codes.Click 'Next' in all.

app initial screens

A notice will then be displayed summarising the operation of the application and including the "Privacy Policy and Terms of Service":

  • Users must be previously registered in the system (if not, there is a link that will take you to the registration page);
  • The activation is carried out by retrieving a PIN by SMS;
  • After activation, you can view the previously obtained PIN codes from your browser or from a mobile application integrated with Cl@ve PIN;
  • The PIN code is personal and non-transferable, valid for 10 minutes and can only be used once until you disconnect from the e-Office or close the browser.
  • Users can only use the app on one device at a time.

Once you have read the alert, click “ACCEPT”.

Conditions of service

User activation

To start the activation, enter your DNI/NIE and click "ACCEPT".


In the next window, depending on the document provided, the following data will be required:

  • Validity date for DNI;
  • Issue date, for permanent DNI (01-01-9999);
  • Support number, if it is a NIE.


The link "where can I find the date of validity/issue of my DNI?"opens the help content that explains in detail how to locate this data in the different types of existing identity documents.

Help date of validity / issue

In case of a NIE , you have the link "Where can I find the support number on my NIE ?"It explains how to locate this data on a foreign card, a residence permit or a Union citizen certificate.

Help support number foreign card

Help support number residence permit

Help support number certificate of citizens European Union

Once the DNI/NIE and the validity/issue date or the support number have been correctly indicated, click "ACCEPT".Here, if the user is already registered in Cl@ve, they will have to use the screen unlocker that has been configured on their device.

Unlocking the screen

An SMS notification will then be displayed on the phone of the number registered in Cl@ve (for security reasons only the last four digits are shown).Click "OK" and check your mailbox for the received PIN.

SMS alert with PIN for activation

On the next screen, enter the PIN received via SMS and confirm the activation of the device by clicking "CONTINUE".

Activation with PIN received

Activation completed

After the activation, the application will check if the user has a valid PIN, obtained within 10 minutes beforehand.If not, when you open the app you will be prompted that a valid PIN is not available at that time and how to obtain it.

App without valid PIN

The app does not have a PIN function.It only shows the last valid PIN, previously requested from the browser or from an app that has Cl@ve PIN integrated (such as the Tax Agency app)

If you have a valid PIN (valid from the last 10 minutes) it will be displayed on a new screen, along with a timer for the remaining validity time.

Valid PIN

When using the PIN in any procedure (within 10 minutes of obtaining it) a window is displayed with the exact date and time it was used.

Date and time of the PIN used

Change user

It is only possible to activate a DNI/NIE on the device.Therefore, to activate another DNI/NIE it will be necessary to delete the previous one.

To delete a user in the application, click in the menu in the top left corner (icon of three horizontal bars) and select the option 'Change user'.An information window will appear on deletion of user data in the app.Click "Confirm" to start the activation process from the beginning.

Change user

Close session

From the menu, you can also 'Close session', which exits the application and closes your session, to increase security.The next time you need a PIN code, when you access the application, you will be asked for the code that unblocks the device.

Close session

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