Consult by date range (form 140)

  • Consult by NIF is currently only operative for form 140 and only for tax returns submitted up to 2018.For all other forms and years after 2019 you can use "Consult tax returns filed" or "Consult by filer (by Tax ID no., year and form)".

    If you filed form 140 and want a copy of the return, go to the "e-Office", "Featured procedures", "File and view tax returns", "Form 140.Personal Income Tax.Maternity Deduction.Request for advance payment and communication of variations", "Consultations", "Consultation by date range" and identify yourself.

    View by date range

    You can identify yourself using an electronic certificate, DNIe and Cl@ve PIN.In the first case, click on the access and in the second case, type the NIF/NIE to continue obtaining the PIN.A collaborator or agent with authorisation for this type of procedure can also send the consultation.


    When entering the form, please indicate the fiscal year and date range for the consultation.This interval cannot be longer than 31 days.

    Indicate the dates

    Click send and you will receive the list of tax returns filed if there is more than one.Select the one you want to view and click “Send”'

    Send enquiry

    The system makes it easy for you to view the filing report on the screen.The document includes the filing date and time, the file/reference and the Secure Verification Code (CSV) in the header, confirming authenticity. You can download the document.

    consultation report

    The system will ask if you want to save or open it.If you choose to save, it will be saved in your default location.If you want to save the copy to another location, open the "Save" drop-down menu and click "Save as".

    save document

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