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You can consult all tax returns filed using this form during a certain date range by going to 'Consultation using a range of dates'.

In general, you need to access this page using the same advanced signature used to file the tax return, or that of the declarant (electronic certificate or DNIe), with Cl@ve PIN or with a reference number, depending on the form. You can check the types of access required by looking at the icons next to the link.

types of identification

The only exception is Form 190. The possibility of obtaining a copy through this option is restricted to the filer of the tax return. It will only be permitted using the same certificate used to file the tax return, in addition to the Cl@ve PIN, for returns filed using this system, by the filer. If the e-certificate belongs to a legal person, the document required, as well as the NIF of the e-certificate (legal person), the NIF of the person authorised in the certificate as representative.

select identification

After identifying yourself, select the fiscal year of the declaration and the date range in which it was filed. Remember that the maximum range is 31 days. You can order the results by date of the tax return or by the NIF of the declarants. Click 'Send'.

selection enquiry criteria date range

In the list of submissions, click 'See' next to the tax return that you want to consult, in the 'Electronic copy' column.

see list results enquiry by date range

Select the submission and click 'Send' to access a copy of the tax return.

Send enquiry

Click 'View Full Screen' to see the document clearly or to print it. The first page contains Registry information, such as the date and time the tax return was filed, the File/Reference number, the Secure Verification Code and details of the Filer and the receipt number.

PDF tax return

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