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Enquiry for declaration filers (by ID number, Fiscal year and Form)

  • The receipt and the digital copy of a tax return filed via Internet can be obtained at any time from our E-Office with the same e-certificate used to file the tax return (or with the declarer's e-certificate) and with the Cl@ve PIN, according to the Form. You can check the types of access required by looking at the icons next to the link.

    types of access

    In the list of procedures for each form, there is a section for consulting tax returns "If you need copies or wish to view already filed forms", where there are several options for making consultations. The option "View for filers (by tax code, year and form)" is recommended for filers of the tax return or for the taxpayers themselves.

    link for filer consultation

    select identification

    In this option, state the mandatory details: NIF of the holder of the tax return you want to view and the fiscal year. To filter the search, you can state the specific tax Form you want to view. After entering the details, click on "Send".

    fill in ID details and fiscal year

    Se mostrará una relación de las declaraciones presentadas en función de los criterios indicados. Click on the button "view" in the "Electronic copy" column. Click on "Send" to obtain the PDF document.

    view return

    send information to get PDF

    The e-copy represents the generation of a PDF document. In order to be able to view the document correctly, you will need a PDF file viewer installed in your computer, such as Adobe Reader. Remember that you can download this free PDF file viewer from the page

    If you cannot see the PDF document correctly, click on the button "See Full Screen". If you wish to save the document, click on "Download document". The first page of the copy contains Registry information, such as the date and time the tax return was filed, the File/Reference number, the Secure Verification Code and details of the Filer and the receipt number and, after then, the full copy of the tax return.

    PDF of the tax return

    download document

    The only exception is Form 190. The possibility of obtaining a copy through this option is restricted to the filer of the tax return and access will only be permitted using the same certificate used to file the tax return, in addition to the Cl@ve PIN, for returns filed using this system, by the filer. If the e-certificate belongs to a legal person, the document required, as well as the NIF of the e-certificate (legal person), the NIF of the person authorised in the certificate as representative.

    Through the Secure Verification Code (CSV) you can also obtain a copy of the tax return filed in the section Comparison of documents. In this case, go to the E-Office and, in the section "Utilities", open the link "Comparison of documents using Secure Verification Code (CSV) ".

    consulta íntegra justificante copia copia electrónica