Consult filed tax returns

  • Using the option 'Consult tax returns filed', you can retrieve the receipt from the tax return, and a copy of the tax return. You can also download the tax return file in BOE format.

    Depending on the form you want to consult, you can identify yourself in any of the ways set up on the website:

      • Digital Certificate or electronic National ID Card (DNI-e)
      • Cl@ve PIN
      • Income Tax reference number (for forms 100 and 714)

    selector consult tax returns filed

    The details required to make the query are the taxpayer's Tax ID Number, the form and the fiscal year, although other additional filters can be included, such as the period or date and time range. The form and fiscal year fields have a pop-up window, where you can select the available tax return forms and the fiscal years for each. Click 'Search' to find the files that match your search criteria.

    search for tax returns

    select forms

    select fiscal year

    Click 'See' in each column to access the file and tax return copy, or to download the file.

    files found

    When you download the receipt, a new window opens so that you can see the document in PDF format within your browser. You can click 'Download document' to save the PDF on your computer, wherever you choose.

    PDF receipt of tax return

    When it comes to downloading the file, your browser will open a window for you to download the TXT file containing the tax return. The name of the file is the receipt number and the time and date it was downloaded, although you can change the name to anything you choose.

    window download file txt

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