Checking Java on Windows

  • Important note:Due to the current limitations of some internet browsers in the execution of the Java plug-in, access to the electronic procedures that require this component will be subject to those browsers that do allow its execution.On Windows operating systems, the standard browser is Internet Explorer.

    For more information please consult the official Java website.

    On the other hand, for the correct execution of the help programs available on the Tax Agency's website (Information Platform, Company help program, etc.) The 32-bit Java virtual machine is required.

    If you have a 64-bit computer, when accessing the official Java website to download and install the component, make sure you access it from a 32-bit browser version.

    For example, on a 64-bit computer, to access with Internet Explorer in its 32-bit mode, access the "Computer" menu and enter "Program Files (x86)", "Internet Explorer".From here run the "iexplore.exe" file.

    Access the Java web site to verify that the component works in the internet browser.To do this, click on the "Do I have Java?" option.

    Verify Java 1

    Here is a link to the page:

    java windows virtual check
  • Link to Java's official downloading pageNew window
  • Then click the "Verify Java version" button.

    Verify Java 2

    The message "Detecting Java on your computer" appears and a request to run the component appears.

    Detecting java on your computer

    If the latest version of Java is correctly installed and the browser or system does not prevent it from running, the message "You have the recommended version of Java installed" is displayed.

    Java installed on your computer

    If the version is not up to date, a warning message will appear with the option to "Download Java now" in order to proceed with the update.Remember that it is always recommended to have the latest version available.

    Update obsolete

    If you are having difficulty verifying the Java version, check for browser warnings that allow you to run the verification.The information available in the "Help Resources" and "Troubleshooting Java problems" sections may help.

    Troubleshoot Java

    How to enable the Java Plug-in in Internet Explorer

    Access the browser menu "Tools", "Manage Add-ons", select the option "All Add-ins" from the "Show" drop-down and check that the plug-in status of the Java version in use is "enabled".

    Explorer Explorer

    Useful links:

    java windows virtual check
  • java chrome install
    Java Help Center.General questions.New window
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