How to answer requirements, make allegations and/or provide documents or supporting documents for tax certificates

  • To answer a requirement, make allegations or provide documents and supporting documents in tax certification procedures, select the appropriate option within the e-Office, 'All formalities', 'Certifications'.It is important that you use the 'Answer requirements, make allegations and/or provide documents or supporting documents' link available on the specific formalities page for the certification type.

    Login to answer requirements or make allegations in certifications

    Login requires identification using an electronic certificate, ID or Cl@ve PIN.Information on these types of identification can be found in 'Useful links' at the bottom of the page.

    Formality login type selection

    Fill in the required fields and specify whether the submission is on your own behalf or on behalf of third parties.

    Fill in the required fields

    Once the file number has been entered, access the following box. If the data is incorrect, a pop-up window will warn you accordingly.We would like to remind you that you can locate the file/reference number on both the certification request receipt and on the tax certification itself.

    File number format error

    reference in the certification request receipt

    reference in the certification file

    If the file number is correct below, the Tax Code of the party concerned will be checked to ensure it corresponds to that of the file.

    By default the display option 'On your own behalf' will be checked. If you are accessing as an authorised partner or agent, a pop-up window will indicate that the person is not the same as the one shown in the tax certificate request.Accept the notice and select the 'On behalf of third parties' box, indicating the Tax Code of the party concerned.

    Error in accessing as an authorised partner or agent

    Mark on behalf of third parties if you are accessing as an authorised partner / agent

    You can also attach documents from the 'Add files' option.A window to select the files to attach to the response will then appear.Click "Select Files" to access the file browser and choose the file you want to attach.Please note that the file must be no larger than 64 Mb and must be in an accepted format.You can get more information on accepted file formats in the "Help" section.

    Add files

    Select files

    Once the required fields have been completed and the necessary documents provided, click on "Submit".

    Submit request response

    If the submission is correct, you will get a submission receipt containing details of the registration number, formality, party concerned, attached file list and the SVC (Secure Verification Code) assigned to the submission so that the recipient can check its authenticity and validity.

    Submission receipt

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