Generic tax certificate application

  • This option may be used by taxpayers who have to carry out procedures with the Administration by telematic means, according to Article 14.2 of Act 39/2015, and other taxpayers using an electronic certificate/DNIe or Cl@ve PIN.

    Go to "e-Office", "All procedures", "Certificates", "All other certificates / Generic certificates", "Request"

    If you are carrying out the procedure on behalf of a third party, you will need to be authorised by the tax certificate applicant for the specific procedure on consulting personal details.


    You may request any certificate provided there is no specific certificate for obtaining the requested information.

    Therefore, before you access the certification request, check that it cannot be found within the categories offered in the list.The certification, 'All other certifications/Generic certificates', is only used to issue certificates that, due to their particular content, cannot be issued through any of the other options.Check the notification, and if the certificate that you want to request does not match any of the types offered, click on 'Click here' at the bottom of the window.

    All other certifications

    When you access the form, at the top, you will find the 'Notifications' section, where you can download the instructions.

    Notices and instructions

    NOTE.Using the generic certificate you can request a certificate of form 296, among others, which has no specific certificate.Consult the '"Appendix” of the instructions, which provides the information that you need to provide to get a certificate on income received by a beneficiary included in the annual tax return of form 296.

    The request for a generic certificate consists of 3 steps:

    1. In the first step, "1.Fill in the application “fill in the form, and remember that the fields marked with asterisks are compulsory.

      If you are acting on behalf of a third party, fill in the "tax code/foreign identity number” field; if it is an individual, indicate their surname and first name too (in this order).

      Then, under 'Subject', briefly indicate the purpose of your request. This is a free text area with no established format;however, the form includes a text editor with some features.Then, click 'Validate application'.

      Step 1.Fill in the application

    2. In step "2.Confirm the application “check the details entered, and if they are all correct, click 'Sign and Send'. Otherwise, you can go back to the previous window.

      Step 2.Confirm the application

      Tick the box 'Accept' and click 'Sign and Send' to finish the application. At the bottom, you will see the coded information of this procedure.

      Mark Accept and click

    3. In the third step, "3.Obtain application backup “you will obtain the information on your request together with the PDF receipt at the bottom, which you can save on your computer. You will need the Adobe Reader program to display it properly.We recommend you look over the information provided in the section "Observations".

      Step 3.Application backup

    Provide additional documentation

    If you need to provide additional information in another format, such as PDF, TXT, WORD, go to the link 'Respond to requirements, draw up claims and/or provide documents or receipts' once the request has been filed, located under the procedures for this certification.Indicate the reference that you will find in the backup copy, under the section 'Identification of the procedure', which starts with the year in which the application was filed.During any phase of the procedure, and without a need to wait for a response from the Tax Agency, you can draw up claims and/or provide more documents or receipts, etc., using the same link.

    Provide documentation or receipts

    Consult the processing status of the application and download the certificate

    To check the processing status of the application, go to the E-Office, 'My procedures' under the 'Processes' tab, and access your file under 'Certifications'.The procedure will appear with the reference number indicated on the backup copy, along with the prefix TCT.In its description, when the process finishes, you will find a response link within the section called 'Associates'.

    Once the procedure is finished, the response to your application will be available in 'My Procedures', under 'All', 'Certifications'.

    If you are acting on behalf of a third party and access the 'My procedures' section, to check the processing status of the certification or to access the response to the application, ensure that you are authorised with power of attorney for the specific procedure to consult personal details.

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