Application for intra-community operator tax certificate

  • The application for an intra-community operator tax certificate is available on the Tax Agency website, using electronic identification (electronic certificate, electronic DNI or Cl@ve PIN).

    Go to "Tax certificates.Issue of tax certificates.Intra-Community Operators”


    Once the term stated on the application receipt has elapsed and the certificate is processed by the Tax Administration or Branch, you can collect it using the same electronic certificate through the “Consultation of issued certificates” available in the "Tax certificates" menu of the E-Office.

    You can also request the intra-community operator certificate without the digital certificate, but in this case you will need to know the contents of box 84 of your annual VAT return (form 390) to identify the applicant.After processing, the certificate will be sent to your registered tax address.

    Box 84

    If certification is being applied for without electronic login, once it's issued, it will be sent to your stated address for notifications or tax address, or to your electronic address (Authorised Email) if you have registered for the online notifications service on the website

    If it is not possible to request it using this option, you should do it directly in the Tax Agency Administration or Office that corresponds to your domicile for tax purposes, by presenting Form 01 that you can obtain in "Download Form", in "General information" of the section "Information and assistance".

    We remind you that in order to visit the Administration to process the certification, it is necessary to have made a prior request for an appointment.In the "Useful Links" section we provide you with instructions on how to make as prior request for an appointment via the website.

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