Personal Income Tax certificate application

  • The application for a Personal Income Tax certificate stating all Income Tax return information for the corresponding fiscal year is available online whether you have an electronic ID (digital certificate, electronic DNI, Cl@ve PIN) or not, using the reference number.If the taxpayer has not filed an income tax return or is not required to do so according to the information available to the Tax Agency, a negative tax certificate will be issued including the taxation details on record with the Tax Agency.

    Access the -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Request for an income tax certificate</g> available in the “Certifications" section of the E-Office

    Use the link "Quick application and collection", regardless of how you log on, since the tax certificate will be generated automatically in any case as long as the corresponding requirements are met.

    link quick PIT certificate application

    If you identify yourself using the digital certificate, electronic ID or Cl@ve PIN, all will only need to state the fiscal year you are requesting the certificate for and enter the holder's tax code/ID number if the applicant is a third party.Then, click on "Confirm application".

    access with certificate or Cl@ve

    Application form for tax certificate

    Check the details on your application and click on "Sign and Send".

    Sign and send

    The information to be sent and the signatory's details will be shown.To continue, mark the box "OK" and click "Sign and Send".

    Agreed and signed

    The certificate is issued straight away.Step 3 shows the income tax certificate in PDF format.You can view the PDF in full screen if you click on the available button.If you have problems viewing it, we recommend you install a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader.

    Obtaining the tax certificate

    If you don't save the PDF of the certificate, you can go back to it at any time through the "Check issued certificates" option, using the same electronic certificate or via Cl@ve PIN in the "Certificates" menu on the E-Office.

    Consultation issued certifications

    First of all, select the type of certificate you wish to download in the drop-down, in this case Income Tax, and press "Send".

    Selection type of certificate

    To pick up the certificate, you'll need to enter either the 16-digit electronic code on the application response sheet, or the interval of dates when the certificate was requested.So, we recommend you keep the electronic code you're given when you make your application.

    Certificate collection

    Once the data required to obtain the certificate is entered, a summary of the application details will be displayed.You must click on the link below "Click here to get certificate" to get a PDF of the certificate.

    You will also be able to recover the certificate through the "Check electronic documents by secure verification code" option,

    If you don't have an electronic certificate, electronic DNI or Cl@ve PIN, you'll have to select access by reference number.The reference requested corresponds with the Income Tax file obtained through the RENØ service with box 505 of the 2018 Income Tax return.

    Regardless of the fiscal year for which the Personal Income Tax certification is being requested, the reference currently required is the last one that you have, which you obtained with box 505 of the 2018 Income Tax return.We explain how to get a reference in the following link:

    State your tax code and the 6-digit alphanumeric reference number received.Then all you have to do is select from the dropdown menu the fiscal year for which you wish to obtain the certificate and press the button "Confirm application".

    Check that the data are correct and click on "Sign and Send".

    The next window will display a summary of the information that will be sent.Mark the box "OK" and click again on "Sign and Send".

    This way you'll also get a PDF with the tax certificate straight away.

    If you are unable to apply for the certificate online, you can go to your local Tax Office to get one.The certificate can be handed over on the spot or sent by ordinary post to your tax address or via email to the email address saved. The taxpayer can attend in person, or send an authorised representative.

    We remind you that in order to visit the Administration to process the certification, it is necessary to have made a prior request for an appointment.In the "Useful Links" section we provide you with instructions on how to make as prior request for an appointment via the website.

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