Application for certificate of contractors and subcontractors

  • Applications for contractor and subcontractor certifications can be submitted online with a certificate, electronic DNI or Cl@ve PIN.

    To make the request, you can access "Tax Certificates.Issue of tax certificates.Contractors and subcontractors" in the "Certificates" section within the "All procedures" section of the E-Office.Also, from "Request and collect tax certificates" located in the "Features procedures" section of the E-Office.

    Click on "Application" and confirm the data of the petitioner. If you are making the request on behalf of a third party, check the box "On behalf of third parties" and enter the NIF / NIE, surname and name of the holder.Then, enter the NIF / NIE, surname and name or company name of the person or entity with the contract or subcontractor.Finally, click on "Validate request".


    Data required and validate application

    On the second tab, confirm the data you have entered and press "Sign and Send"

    Sign and send

    Then check the "OK" box and click "Sign and Send" to obtain the certificate or the request confirmation.

    Select accept and click Sign and Send

    Getting the certificate

    Provided the result of the certificate is positive and the application is made by the interested party on their own behalf with their own digital certificate or that of their representative, you will be able to collect the certification immediately.

    Certificates issued and not delivered on the spot can be collected from the option "Application status" for the procedures enabled for this certificate on the E-Office or in "View certificates issued".

    Status of the application procedure

    Status of procedure

    You can also check the certificate in "My Files" on the E-Office, where you can view the electronic tax return (PDF copy of the application) and the tax certificate.Please remember that to access "My Files" you are required to identify yourself with the electronic certificate/DNI of the taxpayer concerned, the Cl@ve PIN or to be authorised to carry out that specific operation.

    You can also request certificates at Tax Agency offices by filling in form 01C "Contractor and Subcontractor Certificate Application" with the identification details of the applicant and payer(s).

    We remind you that in order to visit the Administration to process the certification, it is necessary to have made a prior request for an appointment.In the "Useful Links" section we provide you with instructions on how to make as prior request for an appointment via the website.

    Form 01C

    If it was requested via Form 01C, the certificate will be sent to the applicant according to the following priorities:

    1.To the address stated for these purposes on the application form (in the case of applications filed in a Tax Agency office)

    2.To your email address (Registered Email Address) if you have signed up for the Electronic Notifications System

    3.To the address filled in for notifications purposes on forms 030 / 036 / 037

    4.To the tax address

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