Application for third-party tax certificates by the Public Administrations

  • There are currently three procedures available on the E-Office for obtaining a third-party tax certificate from the Public Administrations:"Personal Income Tax", "Economic Activities Tax" and "Up to date with fiscal obligations".

    To make the application, go to 'E-Office', 'Public Administration' (on the bottom left hand side).Select the certification type and click on 'Application'.



    Through this procedure, the Public Administrations can request tax certificates from third parties for processing administrative procedures within their remit, provided that this direct transfer of tax information is previously consented to by the taxpayer or required by law.

    Prior to requesting the certificate, check that the requirements for carrying out the procedure are met.Read the information provided in the “Protocol or guide to procedures (PROTGEN)” PDF available under “Information and assistance”, “General information”.

    General information

    You should log in using a valid corporate person representative e-certificate or a public servant certificate.

    In the tab 'Fill in the application', please fill in:

    • The tax code of the certificate holder,
    • Type of certificate (if applicable),
    • Box "Scope of application".When selected, you must state that the information is requested with the consent of the interested party.
    • Purpose of the application.

    Then click on "Verify application".

    Fill in application

    In the following tab "Confirm application", check the data entered and if everything is correct, click on "Sign and send".

    Confirm application

    You will then go to the tab “Obtain certificate”. In the case of Personal Income Tax or Economic Activities Tax, the certificate is issued immediately, and you can open the PDF straight away or save it on your computer, by clicking on '”Save”, “Save as”.

    Get certificate

    In the tab 'Obtain application receipt' a message will appear, specifying the wait time and method of collection;otherwise, it may be issued immediately.

    Get receipt

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