How to request a tax certificate online

  • The application for a tax certificate via the Tax Agency's website can be made, in general, by identification with the electronic certificate or Cl@ve PIN of the holder or authorised person.

    There are only three application options allowed online without electronic certificate:the Personal Income Tax certificate, the Contractors' and Subcontractors' Certificate and the Intracommunity Operator Certificate.

    We inform you that the certifications which can be requested via the website are:

    • Personal Income Tax
    • Self-assessment payments
    • VAT
    • Corporation Tax
    • Summary of form 190
    • Get up to date with the tax obligations for contracting with the public sector
    • Get up to date with the tax obligations for obtaining transport licences
    • Get up to date with the tax obligations for obtaining public subsidies
    • Get up to date with the tax obligations for obtaining work/residence permits for foreigners
    • Get up to date with tax obligations (Generic)
    • Economic activities.Registrations/Withdrawals
    • Tax residence
    • Census identification
    • Of Intracommunity Operator
    • Of Intracommunity Operator - historic (Registrations/Withdrawals)
    • Condition of taxpayer of VAT
    • Exemption from Corporation Tax
    • Exoneration of withholding for lessors of properties
    • Contractors and sub-contractors
    • Net Turnover (IAE)
    • Periodic self-assessments
    • Self-assessments of income
    • Non-profit organisations.Act nº 49/2000
    • Certificates of payments made (self-assessments)
    • Outstanding debt certificates
    • Activity succession certificates

    Access the "Tax certificates section of the E-Office.

    tax certifications in the E-Office

    Once you select the type of certificate, use the corresponding application link:“Application”/”Application and immediate collection”The system will ask you for the type or types of identification required.Not all certificates permit immediate collection.

    links for certificate applications

    link certificate application for immediate collection

    In the application for issuance of tax certificates with digital signature or Cl@ve PIN, you only need to state whether you are making the request in the name of a third party, and in this case give the NIF, first name and surnames of the holder, as well as any details which may be requested, such as the fiscal year or the type of certificate.

    Certificate application form

    If the certificate does not have the immediate collection option, or any issue arises when downloading the PDF with the certificate, you will be able to collect it using the electronic certificate or Cl@ve PIN via the option "Consultation of issued certificates" available in the "Tax certificates" menu of the E-Office.

    Consultation of issued certifications

    If you do not have the data required to apply for the certificate online or if the certificate is not available, you can request it directly from a Tax Agency Administration or Delegation.In some cases, you can download Form 01 on paper to request the pertinent certificate via the filing of the Form.

    You can access form 01 from the list of procedures enabled for the type of electronic certificate selected.Go to the section 'Information and assistance', 'General information', 'Download Form'.

    Access to form 01 for requesting certificate

    For certifications that do not have the Form download option, you will have to make an appointment to go in person to the Tax Administration office for the application.

    If the certificate cannot be delivered on the spot, once the certification has been issued it will be sent to your stated address for notifications or tax domicile, or to your electronic address (Authorised Electronic Address) if you have registered for the online notifications service.

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