“Downloading...” messagewhen obtaining a tax certificate on Android mobile devices

  • You can use your mobile device to request a tax certificate and download the PDF of the certificate issued.To view the document correctly, you will need to have Adobe Reader for mobile installed, or another Android-compatible document reader.

    Sometimes, when downloading the tax certificate in PDF, the message "Downloading" appears for a time but the document fails to download or a "Download incorrect" text notifications pops up.


    You can download the certificate using the document's Secure Verification Code (CSV).If you do not have this code, you can find it in 'E-Office', 'My procedures', and identify yourself with an electronic certificate or Cl@ve PIN. Then, select the 'All' tab, and go to 'Certifications', then click on the procedure number for the certification you want to consult.

    My procedures

    In the following window, click "View electronic documents" in the "Available Services" section.Select the link for the requested certificate.

    Check documents

    In the "Document display" window you will find the CSV. Copy the CSV that appears in the text, either by writing it down or using the copy and paste option.

    In the block "Featured procedures", select "Compare document using the secure verification code"

    Viewing and Procedures

    Type in the CSV or select the box and click "Paste".Then, click 'Send'.


    If the document is not displayed immediately, click on:"See full screen", however, in the lower part of the screen the downloaded PDF will appear.


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