How to check the procedure status of a tax certificate

  • You can find out the processing status of a tax certificate by accessing the personalised website "My Files" on the E-Office.To access "My Files" you are required to identify yourself with the electronic certificate or the Cl@ve PIN of the taxpayer concerned or to be authorised to carry out that specific operation.

    My procedures

    From the tab 'Pending', 'Certifications', you will be able to see the processing status of the requested certificates.In addition, if you view the certificate through this channel, you will be able to access both the electronic tax return (PDF copy of the application) and the tax certificate.


    Should you have any issue, please contact the Responsible Unit stated on the receipt, alongside the date and time it was processed.

    In the case of 'Tax status' certifications, you can view the procedure via electronic certificate, electronic DNI or Cl@ve PIN in the procedure status by entering in the 'E-Office', 'Certifications', 'Tax status'.You can view all the options except for 'Issue of certificates of deposits made - Self-assessments'.

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