• Accessibility Certification

    The websites of the Tax Agency obtained the double A level Euracert European e-Accessibility Certification, issued by Technosite, part of the ONCE Foundation Group, as certifying authority, after the audit carried out the 13/05/2009.

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  • To ensure that the Tax Agency Website maintains the accessibility requirements required to display the Euracert seal, Technosite will subject the Web to periodic accessibility checks.

    Accessibility policy

    The goal of the Tax Agency is to offer accessible websites for all citizens so that, regardless of their disability, age or unconventional access to technologies with which to view it, they may be able to surf through the pages in without difficulty.

    Standards and regulations

    The accessibility policy applied by the Tax Agency is in line with the demands of Royal Decree 1494/2007 (Real Decreto 1494/2007), dated 12 November, approving the regulations on the basic conditions for access by people with disabilities to the technologies, products and services related to the Information Society and means of social communication.

    The Tax Agency web pages comply with level AA according to Regulation JOINS 139803:2004 and to the Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content 1.0 of the W3C.

    Viewing characteristics

    The Tax Agency website is optimised for 1024 x 768 resolution. If your screen resolution is greater, the size of the letters may be small in some cases. Notwithstanding this, the font sizes have been defined so that it is possible to increase or reduce their size using the browser options.

    Correct viewing of this website has been verified in different versions of the main browsers and on different platforms. This portal is optimised for the browsers: Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox 1.1, or higher versions of these.

    Accessibility undertaking

    If, despite the efforts carried out by the Tax Agency, you should find a page or document that does not comply with our standards or cannot be correctly viewed, or should you wish to file a complaint, question or suggestion, please do so by emailing us on

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