More than 11,700,000 taxpayers have now received their Personal Income Tax refund amounting to 7,300 million

2016 Income Campaign

  • Almost 84% of refunds and over 73% of the amounts requested have now been paid
  • Almost 88% of all tax returns have been filed online, 38 points more than six years ago, when the measures to promote online filing as the primary filing method were bolstered '
  • RENTA WEB' and improvements made in previous years have made the campaign run more smoothly, with 43% more tax returns filed in the first two months and 35% more refunds paid than six years ago in the same campaign period 

1 August 2017.- The Tax Agency has returned, as at 28 July, 7,314 million euros to 11,777,000 taxpayers, such that 83.9% of refunds and 73.1% of the amounts requested in the Personal Income Tax campaign corresponding to 2016 have now been paid.

The speeding up of tax refunds has enabled a decrease in refunds already paid to taxpayers (-2.4% in number and -5.5% in amount), despite the decrease during this tax campaign in applications for returns in number (-3.9%) and in amount (-8.8%).

The decrease in applications for refunds contrasts with a significant increase in payable tax returns. There are two reasons for the difference initially forecast in the number of payable and negative tax returns; on the one hand, a better performance than that forecast in the real estate sector regarding capital gains, as well as in leasing; and, on the other hand, a continuation in 2016 of the effect of the tax reform, exempting more taxpayers from filing a tax return.

In parallel, with practically all tax returns that were not yet processed at the close of the Personal Income Tax Campaign on 30 June now included, the number of tax returns filed was more than 19,656,000, almost 188,000 more than in the previous campaign on the same date, thus confirming the sustained recovery, beginning in 2015, of the number of taxpayers filing Personal Income Tax.

A new increase in the number of online filings has also been seen, reaching 17,284,000 tax returns, almost 88% of the total. The rise in the proportion of tax returns being filed online compared to the overall total is 38 percentage points, compared to the figures for six years ago (2010 Personal Income Tax, filed in 2011), when online filing began to be encouraged.

Speedier filings and refunds

The full implementation of "RENTA WEB' this year as a universal tool offered by the Tax Agency for managing all tax returns represents the culmination of a strategy started six years ago with the setting up of the REN0 service for obtaining the tax return draft online, and its aim was to speed up tax return filing and facilitate the refund process, so that more taxpayers could file sooner and get their refund faster.

Thus, taking the first two months (two thirds) of the campaign that has just ended, the number of tax returns filed has grown by over 3,100,000 with respect to the figures for the same period six years ago, i.e. 43%, and refunds are up by over 1,600,000, i.e. 35%. In this latest campaign, half of the expected total tax returns were already filed in these first two months.

These objectives were accomplished during this campaign, whilst at the same time keeping up with the traditional on-site customer care service.

Wealth Tax

In parallel to Personal Income Tax is Wealth Tax, which must be filed by taxpayers who owe taxes (after applying relevant deductions and discounts) and by taxpayers who do not owe taxes but who last year had assets and rights worth over 2 million euros.

After accounting for the tax returns yet to be processed, almost 198,000 Wealth Tax returns have been registered, of which more than 171,500 have resulted in payments amounting to over 1,034 million euros.


  • Table of 2016 Personal Income Tax (Data as at 28 July)
  • Table of Tax returns submitted
  • Table of Returns requested and paid (in millions of euros)
  • Table of Returns paid, number and amount 2015/2016 (in millions of euros)