Social collaboration in the request for tax certificates

By virtue of the indications of the Resolution of 12 January 2018, of the Directorate-General of the State Tax Administration Agency, modifying that of 29 May 2006, which establishes the cases and conditions in which a social collaboration can be effective in applying taxes, the social collaboration has been opened for applying taxes to the following requests for tax certificates, which are in addition to the certificates for being up to date with tax obligations, certificates for contractors and subcontractors, for tax residence, for Economic Activities and Exoneration of the Withholding for property leasers, as well as those that can be requested via the new application of generic tax certificates:

  • Net turnover
  • Periodical self-assessments
  • Voluntary payment of deposit
  • Exemption from corporation tax
  • Census Situation
  • Corporation tax
  • Form 190

These requests will gradually be adapted to other certificates.