Provision of complementary documentation by batches for form 210

  • Form 210 allows you to submit additional documentation in batches. The link to the 'Provide additional documentation in batches' service is available on the E-Office page on form 210 procedures:

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  • Form 210. Non-residents Income Tax. Non-residents who are not permanently established. Ordinary declaration.Information you can find at the Tax Agency E-Office
  • This option is normally available for submitting documentation regarding previously submitted tax returns for form 210 corresponding with a single fiscal year or period.

    First of all, the user must specify a directory that contains:

    - The file with all the additional data, with file extension .TXT. It must contain the following fields, some of which are compulsory. The total length of the file, which cannot exceed 354 positions.

    CSV of the declaration submitted
    File number
    File number of the declaration submitted
    If this is left blank the procedure number will appear here
    NIF of the party concerned
    NIF of the party concerned
    Name of the party concerned
    The interested party's surname (or first surname if relevant)
    Declaration form
    Financial year
    Fiscal year of the tax return
    Period of the tax return

    - Both the folders and the tax returns have been submitted. The documents associated with each tax return will be included. The folder name will be that of the CSV associated with the declaration submitted.

    Bear in mind that the selected directory must be located in the 'AEAT' folder, or a subfolder therein. This procedure also requires Java, so you will need to accept the execution of the corresponding applets. In the event of any issues, check the Java help links within the 'Useful links'.

    Click on 'Select Directory' and choose the directory containing the required data.

    select directory 210 batches

    Then click 'Send application'. As the documents are sent the process will be shown on screen, indicating the accepted and rejected documents.

    After the documents have been submitted correctly, a response page will appear with the submission receipt, containing the registration details and the additional details, along with information on the documents.

    response documentation submission

    For every submission the HTML page of the correct response received will be saved locally, in the directory of accepted files: C:\aeat\lotes documentos\aceptados. This page, which contains the index with the process summary, also features links to the PDF documents corresponding with the submission receipts.

    submission receipt

    The certificate that these certificates have been signed with is the same as the one used to authenticate access to the procedure.

    This submission receipt is stored as a PDF document that you can see on the summary page, and which you can verify in the E-Office using the CSV, by going to the option 'Comparison of documents with the CSV'.

    If it is rejected, a page will appear indicating the reasons for this.

    documents, documentation, complementary, lots, 210, record