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Download record of forms filed

  • The option 'Download the submitted forms as a file' allows you to download the files of tax returns filed previously. These files have the same format as those submitted, and can therefore be read using the help program or the corresponding form.

    In general, you need to access this page using the same advanced signature used to file the tax return, or that of the declaring party (electronic certificate or DNIe), with Cl@ve PIN or with a reference number, depending on the form. You can check the types of access required by looking at the icons next to the link.

    types of identification

    The only exception is Form 190. Due to the nature of the details contained in this declaration (personal and economic), this query is restricted and can only be performed with the same certificate used to file the tax return, or with the Cl@ve PIN for submissions carried out using this system by the declarant. If the e-certificate belongs to a legal person, the document required, as well as the NIF of the e-certificate (legal person), the NIF of the person authorised in the certificate as representative.

    select identification

    Enter the NIF, fiscal year and period (monthly or quarterly) of the tax returns filed.

    enter the details and send

    For tax returns filed annually, enter the NIF and the fiscal year. The original tax return filed online will appear, not incorporating any subsequent modifications that may have been requested. Click 'Send'.

    Pulse enviar

    By default, the file is saved in your browser's predetermined downloads folder. However, if your browser allows you to specify where you want to download the file to, we recommend you save it in your operating system's 'Tax Agency' or 'AEAT' folder.

    File download report

    descarga fichero