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Useful to know

21-01-2015 Telephone appointment services outside of the Tax Agency

The Tax Agency has detected telephone services requiring payment that offer access to the phone number that the Tax Agency makes available to all taxpayers to make appointments for being aided in person in their offices. The Tax Agency wishes to remind taxpayers, in the face of these attempts to confuse users, that the telephone appointment services number is 901 200 351, and that the user will only assume the shared cost of calling a 901 number. You may also make an appointment for free online.

20-01-2015 Tax Reform 2015

Content on the main aspects of the 2015 tax reform have been added to the website, accessed by clicking the TAXES icon.

07-01-2015 Advanced payment of deductions for large families and disabled people

From 7 January 2015 the advanced payment can be requested online or by calling 901 200 345, of deductions for large families and for dependant disabled ancestors or descendants.

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